Beat the competition with your 1 minute business pitch

Beat the competition with your 1′ business pitch

You’ve just been seated at a business event and are waiting for dinner to be served. For the next 2 hours you and the people immediately either side of you are going to be locked into conversation – unable to move – whether you all like it or not! Actually you’re really pleased to be next to the person on your right because you’ve been trying to do business with them for the past 5 years. Suddenly they are your captive!
He/she turns to you and says: ‘I’ve been wanting to find out all about your business for a long time. This seems an appropriate time. So tell me exactly what you do.’
The floor is yours and you can’t think what to say. You watch with horror as the potential client loses interest . You know you’ve blown a fantastic opportunity because you’ve never really thought how to answer so that you give a snapshot of your business in an effective and engaging way. Make sure at all future networking events you beat the competition with your 1′ business pitch!

I believe a business pitch should answer 5 questions about your business.
I’m listing the questions below and in brackets how I would answer them in my business pitch:

Question 1: Who or what is my company, product, service, idea?
(My company, Effective Communications, helps people to professionally present themselves and their ideas.)

Question 2: Who are my customers?
(Everybody I meet needs my services – from the smallest company to the largest)

Questions 3: What problems do I or the company, practice, association, foundation solve?
(If your people need to make more powerful presentations, if they need to pitch as a team for a multi million pound job, if they need to come across with more power and impact, if they need to know how to work the room and build relationships with clients – then I can help.

Question 4: How am I or the organisation different?
(I have 25 years experience in the business – so I know exactly what I’m doing. I was very fearful of presenting myself and I taught myself to overcome these fears – so I knew I could help others. This was the reason I started Effective Communications.)

Questions 5: How do my customers benefit?
(It’s all about having techniques to get you through these difficult situations. That’s my job – teaching people techniques. They take on board what is right and comfortable for them – practice the techniques – and then they come across so much more powerfully and professionally.

Don’t forget you must make sure that your opening statement is strong – an intriguing question or statement of fact – to get their attention.
Don’t forget your closing statement also need to be strong – if possible a call to action: a further meeting, a longer presentation.
Learn your business pitch – so that you can recall it at any appropriate moment but make sure it doesn’t sound rehearsed – be passionate and enthused. Obviously you will change the order of the 5 answers according to how you feel. I tend to like to start the pitch with: ‘If your people need help to make more effective presentations . . . . pitches . . . . networking . . . . etc.
Be very mindful of the person you’re talking to – as soon as you see them begin to glaze over then have the grace to say: ‘but enough about me, what about you?’
So the next time you find yourself at a networking event listening to a succession of incredibly awful business pitches make sure you stand out from the crowd. Have the sense to work on your business pitch so that you beat the competition.

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Need Help?

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