How to Attract New Clients and Win Their Business

This one day seminar combines the vital ingredients of firstly getting as many leads as possible and secondly converting a percentage of them into business with your selling skills.

You will be shown how to work the room and meet people and then how to pitch/present to the potential clients in order to win the business.

Programme content:

  • Build your internal and external company network
  • Building Rapport
  • Feel comfortable at functions
  • Planning a Networking Strategy
  • Training Staff to attract New Clients
  • Devising a Client Retention Strategy
  • Projecting a Powerful Image
  • 3 Golden Words
  • Use you body, voice and eyes to maximum effect
  • Visual Aids
  • Question and Answer Sessions
  • Understand and Control your Fears

“The whole day was well presented, structured and had good practical content – full of useful tips and techniques. I know that we as a company can now build on these ideas to win even more business.”

Peter Edmunds, Senior Electrical Engineer, WS Atkins