Networking to increase Business and Profits

Is your company organised for effective networking? Do you have a strategy in place?

At business functions do you ‘work the room’ or speak to people you’ve been with all day? There are thousands of contacts to be made.

This workshop will illustrate the professional and personal
profits of networking inside and outside the company.

Key Benefits:

  • Understand why networking is essential
  • The importance of building an internal and external company network
  • Building relationships with bosses, subordinates and peers
  • Learn how to plan a networking strategy
  • Feel comfortable ‘working the room’
  • Understand how to retain existing clients
  • Learn how to attract new clients

“My colleagues and I agree that we have got books and articles on networking on our shelves but the written word cannot compare with a session such as yours. It has already brought results. Thankyou for an excellent event.”

Doreen Baker, The Chartered Institute of Marketing