Pitching to Win new Business

This programme consists of a series of training and coaching sessions – working with the team who are responsible for winning major business accounts.

Your team will be taken through the planning, structuring and presenting process of a successful business pitch.

Areas covered include:


  • How does your company come across in business pitches?
  • Building relationships that lead to pitches
  • Finding companies that need your services?

Preparing for the Pitch:

  • Rule No. 1 – Be Prepared
  • Get the right team together in the right environment
  • Analyse the client and their needs
  • What questions to ask them.

The Pitch itself:

  • Make sure your know your presentation’s objective
  • How to manage your company’s history and information
  • Look and sound like a team
  • A consistent structure for the presentation
  • Visuals that add value rather than detract from the message
  • Rehearse the pitch
  • Prepare for the Q & A session
  • Constructive feedback of the pitch
  • How to handle the report

Follow up:

  • Ways to keep in touch with the client
  • What to do while you wait for the decision
  • How to celebrate success!

“I have now received confirmation from the client that they want to appoint us. They said that the quality of the presentation which we gave and which you coached us with was a vital factor in their decision making process. Many thanks.”

Barry Paschali, Director, Atkins Design Environment and Engineering